New podcast: “Over de Kop”

A comprehensible podcast about the incomprehensible gray mass in our heads

Foundation Brein in Beeld presents to you Over de Kop, a podcast series by neuroscientists, for everyone! Science aficionado and tv-presenter Pieter Hulst interviews experts in neuroscience about the contents of their research as well as its implications and societal relevance. From 19th December 2021 onwards, a new episode of Over de Kop will be available on a weekly basis. The series will be in Dutch, and can be followed on Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcasts. The five episodes of this podcast series tackle a wide variety of relevant and interesting topics in neuroscience: 

#1 | Christiaan Vinkers: RESETting (lockdown-related) stress

In the first episode, Amsterdam UMC professor Christiaan Vinkers will be interviewed about a very topical subject; the effect of the COVID-pandemic on our mental health. People seem quite resilient, but do we take this problem seriously enough? And how could we use science to reset people’s stress system, potentially preventing serious mental health issues?

#2 | Wilco Peul: Brain trauma: to operate or not to operate?

LUMC professor Wilco Peul talks from his experience as a neurosurgeon about the long-lasting effects of brain surgery on patients that suffered from brain trauma. It may seem logical to operate on these people no matter what, but what if you take possible negative consequences into account – be it on identity, consciousness, or quality of life?

#3 | Iris Sommer: Equal, but not the same

In this episode, professor and psychiatrist Iris Sommer is interviewed about her research interests. Pieter and Iris cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to Iris’s own hallucinatory experiences, how bacteria in your gut may influence your risk for a psychosis, but also the striking differences between male and female brains and how these differences may play out in society.

#4 | Baudewijntje Kreukels: Gender dysphoria in the brain?

Gender differences in the brain are the specific topic of the episode where Pieter meets with dr. Baudewijntje Kreukels. She takes the listeners on a ride through the world of gender and gender dysphoria. Can we trace these concepts back to biological processes in the brain, or could there be something more?

#5 | Jeroen Geurts and Hanneke Hulst: Multiple sclerosis, symptoms vs. origins

In the last episode of the series, professors Jeroen Geurts and Hanneke Hulst introduce Pieter to multiple sclerosis, the disease they have spent their entire careers studying. Do we really understand how the disease starts to develop, or are we looking at it incorrectly? And is it really necessary to stop the disease from developing in the first place if we can halt symptom progression completely?

By highlighting neuroscientific research from different angles, we hope to shed some light on that incomprehensible gray mass that we use constantly. Pieter Hulst interviews the experts in an entertaining and disarming manner, thus bringing the difficult world of neuroscience to your footstep. To stay tuned about everything related to the podcast, you can follow @overdekoppodcast on Instagram, Brein in Beeld on Facebook, or check out for a weekly article about the episode!