The AMONG webinar

Join us at the “Advanced Models Of NeurodeGeneration” webinar !

We invite you to join a lively discussion and share your thoughts on human in vitro models for the study of neurodegenerative diseases on April 16th, 15:00-17:30, location: Zoom.

Amsterdam Neurosciences has organised an exciting webinar: ‘Advanced Models of NeurodeGeneration’. AMONG will consist of a panel-discussion by up and coming researchers in the field and a Swammerdam lecture to discuss the opportunities and challenges of human in vitro models. Speakers include Dr. Doo Yeon Kim (Associate professor Neurology at Harvard) and Dr. Shane Liddelow (Assistant Professor at the Neuroscience Institute of NYU)! The focus of this webinar is the usage of human-derived models in the research of Neurodegenerative diseases.

Most commonly, these models originate from induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs). iPSCs are patient-derived cells that are reprogrammed to represent a phenotype of interest1. This type of modelling has rapidly gained popularity among researchers and is believed to be the future of neurosciences. The iPSC technology mimics human physiology more closely than animal models do and enables the formation of spherical organoids2. Moreover, since the genotype of a patient is kept upon reprogramming, these models are particularly useful for disorders with complex genetic backgrounds.

This webinar will provide insight into the potential, as well as challenges, that come with these iPSC-derived models for neurodegenerative pathology. Additionally, the use of iPSCs for drug development will be featured with insights from the pharmaceutical industry (Janssen Pharmaceutical).

During the Swammerdam lecture, the functional role of astrocytes in health and disease will be reviewed by Dr. Liddelow3. This session will move away from a neuron-centered view and discuss the importance of glial biology in this field.  

Throughout the afternoon, we will explore state of the art modelling and its relevance for translational neuroscience. You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the interactive panel discussion and hopefully be inspired by high-profile scientists from around the world. You might just discover your dream project!  


About the Authors

Sanne Berkers and Jacqueline van Vierbergen are both second year MSc Neurosciences students at the VU.


(1) Takahashi K, Yamanaka S. 2006. Induction of pluripotent stem cells from mouse embryonic and adult fibroblast cultures by defined factors. Cell. 126(4):663-76

(2) Kim, Y., Choi, S., D’Avanzo, C., Hebisch, M., Sliwinski, C., & Bylykbashi, E. et al. (2015). A 3D human neural cell culture system for modeling Alzheimer’s disease. Nature Protocols, 10(7), 985-1006.

(3) Liddelow, S., & Barres, B. (2017). Reactive Astrocytes: Production, Function, and Therapeutic Potential. Immunity, 46(6), 957-967.