Tips & Tricks: Abstract & Poster

If you already registered, you will receive an email with further instructions regarding the abstract and poster. Find the registration button below if you have not registered yet! Registration closes 10th of May!

Abstract Guidelines

Your abstract should demonstrate that your (internship) research has/will have a valuable contribution to the scientific field you are working in. Abstracts should be written in English and not exceed max. 1000 characters (about 250 words). 

Usually an abstract dedicates one or two lines towards each of these:

Background/context, materials & methods, results, and conclusion or interpretation. Abstract subheadings are not necessary.

Your abstract will need a succinct title and to list of the first and last names of all authors who contributed to the work (such as yourself, supervisors, or technicians). You should also include up to 3 keywords to help us organize the posters by theme.

We realize for many of you internships are still ongoing, preliminary & pilot data are welcome. It’s also acceptable if your poster differs somewhat from your original abstract text. Literature reviews may only be presented as posters if they’re in a meta-analysis format or have formed part of your internship work in 2021-2022.
Data privacy: Your abstracts will not be published online and your registration details are stored securely only by our committee (using qualtrics, a GDPR-approved secure form). The poster market will only be attended by registered local staff and students. The abstract book will be shared with registered attendees the week of the event.

The symposium is for a broad student and academic audience: take this into account while writing your abstract.

Abstract writing tips:
1. Write in past tense and avoid passive 

2. Make sure any terms or acronyms are defined if needed & avoid too much jargon

3. Give only a concise summary of the findings, sample sizes or p-values only where relevant

4. No need to cite references or bibliography


Poster Guidelines

We recommend you to create a portrait orientation poster on A0 size for best viewing. You will be responsible for printing your own poster, so please discuss reimbursement with your internship supervisor. If your supervisor is not able to support you, then you can contact us at

For VU print services, you could take a look at the on campus VU printerette. Most services you should print at least one day before you need it. On the day, you should hang your own poster between 1.30-2 PM.

There will be a poster prize, a winner will be announced at the end of the symposium! We have invited some researchers & teachers from different fields to judge your posters.

More information will follow by email to registered attendees in May.

Advice for your poster & pitch:

Any further questions? Please contact us at We are happy to answer your questions 🙂
The student research symposium committee
Daniël, Gizem, Iraklis, Kübra, Madison, Mandy & Martijn

Good luck & we hope to see you there!