Power, Sex, Suicide (Nick Lane)

Power, Sex and Suicide: three words that grasp attention like little else would. It is not what you think; the subtitle reveals that this book is actually about the elusive mitochondria – to many a mystery. This combination describes exactly what Nick Lane’s book encompasses: rather complex biological concepts, but accessible for anyone interested. Continue reading Power, Sex, Suicide (Nick Lane)

Amsterdam Neuroscience Meeting 2019

This October witnessed the annual Amsterdam Neuroscience meeting in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, where scientists of Amsterdam Neuroscience came together to share research, present posters and attend lectures about the biggest achievements of the year in our field. If you missed it by chance or choice, I will highlight the day’s events and why it is worth attending for the following years. Continue reading Amsterdam Neuroscience Meeting 2019

Art & Science: Algae by Karenina

For a long time, illustration was the only way for humans to capture the beauty of flora and fauna around them. Even though photography has made it possible to capture all the flora and fauna of the world with only the click of a button, illustrations are still widely used by scientists for clarification. Not only does illustration still play a big role in science… Continue reading Art & Science: Algae by Karenina

LASER ART: Eliminating HIV from the genome

A team of researchers recently claimed to have developed a new treatment to remove all traces of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) from the mammalian genome through a combination of using an antiviral drug regime and genetic engineering. Published this summer in Nature Communications, the landmark paper describes how a combination of pre-treating HIV-1 infected mice… Continue reading LASER ART: Eliminating HIV from the genome