Meet the committee

Meet our VU:Sci editorial committee: we are a team of master students, PhDs and academic staff from VU.

Madison Carr
Lead editor

Madison is a behavioural neuroscience PhD candidate and academic skills junior lecturer for our VU life sciences MSc programs. In her research, she is interested in how the cortex orchestrates impulsive behaviours and reward-based decision making in rodents.

Chloé Statia
Lead editor, Social media

Chloé has a master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences and specialized in Immunology and Science Communication. She is continuously mesmerized by the world of science and loves communicating this to a broader audience. Her interests vary from bio-art, immuno-oncology, rare genetic diseases, parasitology to neurodegenerative disorders.

Rosan de Winter

Rosan is a second year biomolecular science student. She has a broad interest in science, human biology and nature, and is most interested in fundamental and structural biology.

Jenna Pfeifer
Website, Editing

Jenna is a first year neuroscience masters student at the VU on the Neurasmus program, from South Africa. Currently, she is investigating the pathophysiology of the alpha-synuclein protein in skin and brain tissue of Parkinson’s disease patients. Jenna is interested in many fields from stem cell biology to network neuroscience and hopes to incorporate her interests to better understand the interaction between lifestyle and brain functioning.

Michelle Barboure
Website, Editing

Michelle is a second year Biomedical Sciences Masters student at VU Amsterdam, specialising in Neurobiology. With a background in infectious diseases and immunology from her previous studies in South Africa, she has currently changed course, focusing on functional brain imaging, machine learning, and cognitive neuroscience in the context of psychiatric disorders.

Katelyn Richards

Katelyn is a first year Biomolecular Sciences Master’s student at the VU, from the United States. She is interested in disease-related research in the fields of immunology, oncology and genetics.

Jule Schretzmeir

Jule is a first year Msc Neurosciences student. Her interests lie in developmental neuroscience, specifically learning mechanisms and education. Currently she works at a Baby and Child Research Centre in Nijmegen, where she investigates the statistical processing patterns of infants with regard to action prediction. She is a big believer in science communication and visuals, as well as creativity and thinking across disciplines.

Sara Said

Sara is a third year BSc Biomedical Sciences student at VU Amsterdam. With her big interest in neuroscience she hopes to soon master in this field. Her interests lie predominantly in neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders. In the future she hopes to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life.

Daimy Ruiters

Daimy is a first year neuroscience masters student. Neuroscience has fascinated her since she was little. Right now, she is very interested in Neurodegenerative diseases; her last internship was on Huntington’s Disease and now she is researching biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease in the CSF. Her research interests include clinical neuroscience, focusing on conceptualising, diagnosing disorders and developing novel treatments.

Zuzanna Baran

Zuzanna is currently a first-year student of the Neurasmus Master Programme. She is from Poland where she completed her bachelors in Human Biology. She has always been interested in biological and environmental factors that drive humans to act in certain ways. She decided to study Neuroscience because she is keen on discovering the basis of memory formation and human social and sexual behaviour. Currently, she is doing her internship focused on generation of input-specific synaptome maps. In her free time she is committed to promoting gender equality, loves art and treats cooking as her mindufulness practice.

Ambika Mahajan

Ambika is a first year Neuroscience masters student. Presently she is working on analysing “runs of homozygosity” at the AMC. Her interests also range from clinical to behavioural neuroscience. She advocates for transparency and is passionate about humanising science and making it accessible to everyone.

Leo Soares

Leo is in the second year of the Biomolecular science Master’s program. His main interests include structural biology and immunology. He is really captivated by RNA biology in particular.

Sonja van Scheijen
Social media, Editing

Sonja is a Biomolecular Sciences student and a Philosophy, Bioethics, and Health student at VU. She always enjoyed doing more things at the same time, since her interests range from the influence of literature on society (and vice versa) to the molecular basis of rare genetic diseases, which inspired her to follow two (sometimes very) different master programs, which also complement each other.

Mariah Kes

Mariah is a Biomolecular sciences graduate that specialized in Molecular Bioinformatics. Currently she is doing her PhD at the department of Molecular Microbiology at the VU. She is researching the optimization of protein secretion in Bacillus subtilis. Teaching and education and learning about the science behind this is one of her other main interests. She is looking foward to writing and editing.

Lalitha Veleti

Lalitha is a First year Biomolecular student currently doing the cell and molecular biology track. She is doing her internship in the systems biology lab, studying mRNA decay. She is fascinated by fundamental biology and learning how things work at the molecular level. She values visualisiation, be it microscopy or art.

Kayleigh Gultig
Social media, Editing

Kayleigh is a first year Neuroscience master’s student. Her main interests include mental health and how to approach the treatment and diagnoses of mental health diseases differently. She hopes to contribute to translating science to make it more accessible for the general public.

Vera Kuhnke
Secretary, Social media, Editing

Vera is a first year Neurosciene Master’s student. Her main interests are fundamental research (particularly the research on glia cells and stem cells) and how this may be translated into relevant clinical knowledge. She is passionate about reading, writing, popular science and science journalism and aims to one day become an editor at a journal like New Scientist.

Rebecca Vischjager
Website, Editing

Rebecca is a first-year Biomedical Sciences Master’s student with a focus on infectious diseases. Her main interests, however, lie in neurosciences, in particular the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis and disease effects on neurophysiology.

Maya Allister
Social media, Editing

Maya is a second-year Neuroscience master’s student. Her main interest lies in understanding the microbiota-gut-brain axis and its involvement in neuropsychiatric disorders. She is particularly curious about how diet and lifestyle are important for a diverse microbiome. Her goals are to make science more accessible and is passionate about teaching, writing, and sharing ideas.


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