R coding skills slowing your life sciences down?

The Pizza4Python study group reboots this September 17th for early life scientists on campus who are looking to improve their coding & programming skills.

In 2018 we started piloting a low-threshold study group for our master students to learn basic skills in R & Python, or to keep practicing and building upon the coding skills they’ve been learning in class or lab. With the start of a new academic year we’re kicking off the study group again, hoping to offer more workshops and to grow the community further.

Coding is increasingly indispensable for life scientists, as the volume and complexity of our biological data increases. But coding expertise builds slowly over time, and only with repeated practice and application. At times, this can seem frustrating and disheartening if you’re frequently hitting a wall, or not quickly seeing the results from your efforts while coding alone.

At Pizza4Python study group everybody is welcome to join in at any time, no matter your previous experience with coding or programming.

You can come along to use the study group for your own self-study or join with lab colleagues & classmates. We’ve compiled plenty of online resources to get you started on your coding journey and to support you as you go.

If you’re an absolute coding beginner, you’ll start off deciding if you want to learn R or Python first, and we’ll install and launch these on your computer. You’ll also be introduced to a new friend, GitHub.

It’s possible to come along to Pizza4Python study group every week or just drop by occasionally for workshops and events, as topics interest you. You can join us in ordering some pizza or bring your own food. We are a social study group, here to support one another and error-solve together. But this is not a coding course!

Come see what it is all about… just don’t forget to bring your laptop, charger, and some headphones!

Python, R and a sense of community are free, but the pizza is sadly not.

Visit our website’s events calendar to find out about upcoming workshops & meetings.

Study group doors are open 5.00-7.30 PM each Tuesday, starting September 17th. Room Location: 01W08 O|2 building

You’ll find us on the 1st floor of the O|2 life sciences building (accessible via the central staircase)

by Madison Carr